Augmented Reality is a term for a camera enhanced view of a physical real-world environment, where virtual elements are merged with the real-life scene creating a ‘mixed reality’ of virtual elements and the real world. The ‘virtual elements’, given their nature, can consist of anything. This could be 3D models, video, web information…anything. The point here is that your mind is the only boundary.

There is scientific evidence that shows by simply touching a product for a few seconds, an attachment is created that often leads to buying or even paying more for the item.

• Enterprise applications with Augmented Reality elements are expected to account for the third-largest proportion of revenues by 2015.
• Mobile Augmented Reality to generate 1.4 billion downloads by 2015 as major brands embrace the concept.
• Market for Augmented Reality will reach $350 million during 2014 in the US alone.
• 332 million Augmented Reality capable smartphones set to be in the global market in 2012.

The Benefits Of Augmented Reality Visualization:

• Provides rich, interactive and engaging user experience.
• Aids in boosting brand perception among customers.
• Helps in customer buying decisions.
• Provides access to the soaring smartphone markets.
• Relatively economical in comparison to other media alternatives.
• Detailed analytics and data to understand user behavior.

Selling With Augmented Reality

Likelihood to buy?
After viewing the 2D printed display advert, out of 100 parents, 45% would consider buying the toy for a child. Out of those who viewed the Augmented Reality experience, 74% of the parents would consider buying the toy for a child.
Attitude to price?
Out of those parents that viewed the printed advert, the average price of £5.99 was attributed as the estimated retail value of the product. Of those parents that engaged with the Augmented Reality experience, they estimated a higher average price of £7.99.
Advertising engagement?
Parents spent an average of 12 seconds actively engaged with the print advert. Those parents using the Augmented Reality experience did so for an average of 1 minute 23 seconds.


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