The Benefits Of Augmented Reality Visualization:

• Provides rich, interactive and engaging user experience.
• Aids in boosting brand perception among customers.
• Helps in customer buying decisions.
• Provides access to the soaring smartphone markets.
• Relatively economical in comparison to other media alternatives.
• Detailed analytics and data to understand user behavior.

View example:

Junaio app (available for Android and iOS) is required on your mobile.
1/ Search Play Store/App Store for “Junaio” or scan the below QR code with your QR reader on your phone/tablet to view Junaio in Play Store/App Store, choose Install.
2/ Open Junaio, click the Scan button on the upper right corner and scan one of the below QR codes. (It might take a few minutes to download all the necessary files if you’re on a slow connection, so please be patient.)
3/ After scanning the QR code, point at the Sub:Zero Augmented Reality logo next to the QR code or the one at the bottom of the page to view in better quality. You can tap the model to start/repeat the animation.

Selling With Augmented Reality

Likelihood to buy?
After viewing the 2D printed display advert, out of 100 parents, 45% would consider buying the toy for a child. Out of those who viewed the augmented reality experience, 74% of the parents would consider buying the toy for a child.
Attitude to price?
Out of those parents that viewed the printed advert, the average price of £5.99 was attributed as the estimated retail value of the product. Of those parents that engaged with the augmented reality experience, they estimated a higher average price of £7.99.
Advertising engagement?
Parents spent an average of 12 seconds actively engaged with the print advert. Those parents using the augmented reality experience did so for an average of 1 minute 23 seconds.

Sub:Zero Design AR tracking logo

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