Augmented Reality for Travel & Tourism

Augmented-Reality-browserAR based GPS apps can provide directions to tourists. Translations apps can help them read and interpret signboards and menus in foreign locations. Sightseeing apps can be built that provide location-based information on the display of the device. The tourists can walk through historical sites and museums with key facts & figures presented on the screen of their smartphone or Tablet.

Augmented Reality browser

Allows users to interact with their close surroundings, get information on places, search restaurants and discover people.

Junaio app (available for Android and iOS) is required on your mobile.
1/ Search Play Store/App Store for “Junaio” or scan any of the below QR codes with your QR reader on your phone/tablet to view Junaio in Play Store/App Store, choose Install.
2/ Open Junaio, click the Scan button on the upper right corner and scan the below QR codes to view. (It might take a few minutes to download all the necessary files if you’re on a slow connection, so please be patient.)

360° view inside a Honda Civic

Luxury hotel room 360° view

Car showroom 360° view

360° view at a tailor shop

360° view at a dock

Paris 360° view

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